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Well, I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling over the next 6-7 months so I thought that I'd better re-activate my travel blog. The last time I posted anything here was way back in 2006 when I was traveling through SE Asia. Feel free to read my entries back then about my earlier adventures through India,Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines and Hong Kong. This time (at least for the next six weeks), I'll be traveling through Greece and Turkey.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The last party...

Steve and I took the MTR over to Lan Kwai Fong on Hong Kong Island. It's actually a one square block area that's been shut off to vehicular traffic. Along both sides of the streets, there are many dozens of bars and restaurants (mostly bars) that cater to both the locals and to the tourists. Since they are contiguous to each other, you can easily swagger (or stagger) from one bar to the next with no problem whatsoever. The Lan Kwai Fong area is on a hill, so you are required to either walk up or down the streets looking for...well, for whatever you want. I'm quite sure that everything that you're looking for can be found here.
Looking at them from the street, most of the bars are about 25 feet wide but they appear to be at least a hundred feet deep...maybe deeper. Lots of contrasting music blares out from each of these establishments and the entire atmosphere in this area is electric and even celebratory. Naturally, there are a lot of Westerners walking these streets and enjoying the in-your-face kind of ambiance. The street, itself, is only about 30 feet wide (remember, there are no cars) and so everyone uses it to freely wander between bars...both uphill and downhill. Additionally, there are many other notable bars which have rented rooms in the floors above the main streets so you have to also "think vertically." Yes, this place has to be experienced at night after 9 P.M. on a weekend to be fully believed. Lots of fun and very extraordinary. However, since I had to leave at 7 A.M. tomorrow, Steve and I had an early sushi dinner, a few beers with another friend (Tim and his girlfriend, Jessica,) and then we left for home so that I could begin to pack. Tomorrow, I'm off for Maui. More later...


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