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Well, I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling over the next 6-7 months so I thought that I'd better re-activate my travel blog. The last time I posted anything here was way back in 2006 when I was traveling through SE Asia. Feel free to read my entries back then about my earlier adventures through India,Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines and Hong Kong. This time (at least for the next six weeks), I'll be traveling through Greece and Turkey.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

On Friday, I took the Metro from Kisiffia to Victoria Station and walked 10 minutes over to the National Archeological Museum.   It's actually considered to be one of the best archeological museums in the world, and I can certainly see why.  It boasts of an outstanding collection of Greek sculpture, gold jewelry, ancient swords and a lot of incredibly beautiful pottery.   If you have any interest at all in Greek art, you should definitely find time to check it out.  On Saturday, Craig, the boys and one of their young friends drove up to a nearby mountaintop where we spent a few hours exploring a natural cave with a boulder-size crystal sitting near the bottom.  Near the entrance of the cave was a small chapel that had been hewn into the side of the mountain.  Evidently, it had been used as a place for the local shepherds to worship many decades ago when they had flocks of goats and sheep grazing in the hills.   Below, we could see the city of Athens and the Agean sea beyond.  Tonight, Craig, Athenia and I are going to have dinner at a well-known restaurant in town that's supposed to have a fabulous view of the sunset.  Afterwards, they're going to drop me off  at a private party near the Acropolis Metro Station.   On Monday, I'm planning to fly to the island of Santorini for the night and then to take a 3-hour boat ride over to Mycanos on Tuesday.   I'll fly back to Athens late on Wednesday and await still further adventures.  Some last thoughts:  Sadly, I've noticed that the vast majority of the local adult population are smokers.    Although they have outdoor seating at most restaurants, it's impossible to escape the ever-present second hand smoke that constantly wafts through the eating areas.   An unrelated observation:  each of the separate apartments in every single one of the thousands of apartment buildings in Athens has their own private balcony.   I've yet to discover even one exception to this.    The balconies often have plants, flowers, and even small trees.  Many of the apartments also have roll-up awnings to keep out the blistering summer sun.  Time to get ready for dinner.


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